Lockbox Done

So, this week, I finally finished the NFC/xNT lockbox i've been working on for the past month or so. I've decided to do a big photo-dump post showcasing the various stages the box went through on its way to completion. 

The base angle steel and front frame of the box. In this photo, the door has been build but has not yet been attached. While it is not very visible, the right hand leg has been attached at a bad angle, and had to be cut and bent in order to get it into the right place. 

After I attached the door, I found that many my frame had been bent in the process, and had to use a large clamp to straighten the rear vertical frame supports 

This picture shows the box near completion. In this photo, I have added most of the steel plates that fill in the sides, and I added the partition that separates the electronics bay from the storage area of the safe. I have not yet mounted any hardware. 

In this photo I have installed nearly all of the electronics. You can see the Arduino board on the right side of the frame, and on the left, my breadboard taped on top of the xNT access controller. The solenoid lock sits on the far left hand side, and the xNT reader is suspended above, under the Plexiglas plate. The LED is intended to light up the Plexiglas when an authorized tag is detected. While welding this compartment shut, I sprayed some metallic dust on my breadboard, which completed circuits in unintended fashions and prevented the box from working. I had to cut back in to clean it off and cover it.

Here is the finished lockbox, read to secure, well, just about anything. I had some real trouble closing the electronics bay without disrupting the boards inside. Eventually, instead of welding the side closed, I installed a sliding plate, which should allow me to access the electronics bay without providing access to the main storage compartment.